Thursday, May 13, 2010

Homecoming Talk

Elder Lamb will be speaking in the Spanish Trails Ward
on Sunday May 16th at 11AM.
98 South Main Street, Spanish Fork.
A luncheon/open-house will follow at
Grandpa and Grandma Lamb's house from
12:30-5:00 - 327 North 100 East, Payson

Out of Africa! Home sweet home!

Do you think he might have missed us?? This is only part of the group waiting for him.
Every person we saw with a suit on we just knew it would be Elder Lamb
Finally!! Our first glimpse of Elder Lamb after 2 years...

Getting closer to us!! (all of us were cheering and clapping)

Amy ran to give her big brother the first hug!!
She told me later she would have ran up the escalator, but there were people in front of him.
Elder Lamb hugging mom!

Elder Lamb with his siblings - He said they all changed while he was gone.
The brothers got fatter and his sister got woman huge.

Elder Lamb must have been a VERY faithful missionary
because he got his wish of SNOW when he came home!!!

Final Week - April 19th

Hmm it’s an interesting time. Next week I might not even get a chance to email, so this may be the last one. I have been trying to stay focused and working so I wont share what is deep inside me now{fear, happiness, accomplishment, sadness, and others.}. But I had the chance to go to Bo for super p day today. We played some games and watched the Work and the Glory. One of the relay races involved spinning on a stick. I almost fell down pretty good. It was very very funny. Volleyball was also fun except the sun was soo hot I almost died. But luckily the room had air conditioning that we were in. The only problem was that it broke at the end of the movie. Owell.

We had a chance to see a family in my old branch. They are all doing well and their little girl was soo big that I got scared thinking about seeing little Amy again. I won’t even recognize anyone again. But it was nice to see them and talk. I haven’t seen too many others around but that’s ok. They are fine without me - and will be.

This week was awesome as we got to be with Elder Golden and his wife. They have lived a great life of sacrifice to the Lord and it was so amazing to have some of his vast reservoir of knowledge about the gospel. He knows so much and his scriptures are soo marked. It was a highly spiritual day. We learned about many things but the focus was on Christ basically. We gained much and are trying to share it with others. I have it all carefully recorded in my journal and notebook. Sadly he had to quickly travel to Freetown shortly thereafter. But it was wonderful being with my dear Mission President and him at the same time.

Not really a whole lot else has happened out in the good old bush. I am doing well and trying to stay strong to the end. Me and Elder Priddis have decided that this week we will eat like kings. Haha it should be a great time and I will probably gain I few more pounds to work off in a few weeks.

Keep the snow cold for me because I am just dying to see it. I love you and can’t wait to see you all next week. Wow that sounds so crazy.
Elder lamb

Monday, April 12, 2010

Loving every minute

Hey Everyone,

Well I got a few last letters. By the way it’s too late to send anymore so don’t. Haha!! But I did receive one about my Uncle Wynn. Well my great uncle. But the story I read of his experience was inspiring and has really helped me to bunker down and hold out to the end still. It hasn’t been too bad. We start early and come back late. That keeps us to busy to do anything else.

Today we had a branch missionary in Bo over. (We are in Bo fyi.) He has a monkey. So we played with a monkey today and did about nothing else. Well actually we helped clean the apartment so that it will be spotless for Elder Golden of the 70 on Thursday when he comes to visit. He is a very perfect man and likes everything perfect. Even the apartments -which I have no problems with. Our house is good but he won’t go out to Kenema. Last time he came in Liberia he told us that we had the most clean apartment he had ever seen. Ohh the time we took to clean that place. Haha. I am excited to see him again. He has the spirit very strong.

Sorry this letter is kind of wacked. I am trying to get some new conference talks printed off now. I have Elder Holland’s now. It’s good. Haha I haven’t even looked at it yet. Just a scan. But I am excited to read them with some spare time in the office in 2 weeks.

Not much else going on out here in the bush. Just working hard and doing my best. We are getting along well and eating some good food. I am loving every minute and trying to use it all.

See you all soon.
Elder lamb

Misc Info - Only 2 more!!!

Misc Info:
*Sorry not a whole lot today. I am trying to print conference talks at the same time. Haha.
*Africa is still hot. My heat rash is pretty sweet. And lets just say that I can name less places that its not.
*Who flies home with you??: Elder Stice from north west Idaho and Elder Gaxiola from Reno. They will be on the same
flight to salt lake and then fly to Reno and Idaho. Maybe they will get off and meet you all. Haha!
*don’t worry I am doing great and working hard. I love you and can’t wait to see you.
*only 2 more. Haha

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mangos and occra - YUM!!

Hey Everyone,

Well I missed conference. But only because we are too far away. I will have to wait until later to watch it on the computer or something. But I will learn some more patience I guess. I got a good summary from everyone today, but to listen just isn’t quite the same. Hopefully I get it soon.

Well the highlight of the week: I pulled the first mango off the tree and ate it. No more yet but there should be this week. It was so nice and I will miss them a lot. Right now is the season so they are all over the place. It’s my goal to eat as much as possible of them. We also want to try and make pizza today. Last night we made fried okra. Elder Hickey should of never shown me that because now I am addicted. Do they sell okra at home?

Thanks for the emails. I enjoyed reading through Franks and Glenda’s among all the rest.

Things are going well out in the bush. We had to leave the Book of Mormon class early when the members started arguing about dating. It got out of hand and I didn’t want to yell. So we walked out on the class. They were a little surprised but I was tired of the nonsense. Sunday was nice though as I taught the gospel principles. The spirit was awesome. It helped the people stay awake. If they didn’t I would throw chalk at them. No one sleeps in my class. Haha

Not a whole lot else has happened. It’s funny to recognize any holiday here. Everyone has fancy hair and shiny clothes. It was a little entertaining to watch. We used the fasting excuse to not eat a lot of rice. It worked fairly well.

Well I guess I should be off to family home evening. Another victim of the flour game is waiting. Haha

Thanks for the letters and emails and support. After today it will be too late to write so just keep it for me. Don’t worry I am still workin hard and doing my best. You should see the map I have drawn of this whole city…..almost.
Elder Lamb

Misc Info - I ain't done yet

**What do you want stocked up to eat when you get home: pizza, baconator. pb and j. basically anything.
** I have heat rash like crazy and am now addicted to fried okra. Yeah it’s good.
**Late today because we had a long day up the mountain - the one next to the house. Aka the Kenema spa
** Things are going good. Save some Easter candy for me. Save some snow also. **Things are going good out in the bush. We are working hard and keeping busy. It really helps the time to fly by. Geez where did the last 2 years go? Any who it was for a good cause. But I aint done yet.